CDE UMa Montra: Recovering from the crisis

Friday, 09 April 2010 14:55 UDA
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Titulo: Recovering from the crisis: 27 ways of tackling the employment challenge

Autor: European Commission 

Palavras-chave: União Europeia/Politica de emprego/Mercado de trabalho?

Cota:04 UE Eur Rec 


While it seems that the recession is coming to an end in many parts of Europe, challenges for the EU’s labour markets and social security systems remain. Set against this background, this brochure presents 27 examples of effective and innovative labour market measures that have been implemented or modified by Member States in response to the economic crisis. They range from short-time work - with varying degrees of flexibility and different subsidies - to suspending contracts and on-the-job-training, sometimes co-financed by the European Social Fund. These examples provide an excellent opportunity for all to share and learn from the most successful methods - in the best European tradition.