Entrada Destaque CDE: Rapid 4 de maio

CDE: Rapid 4 de maio

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Comunicado de imprensa

Lisboa, 4 de maio de 2018.

  • Declaração Conjunta do Vice-Presidente Andrus Ansip e dos Comissários Dimitris Avramopoulos, Julian King e Mariya Gabriel sobre as novas regras em matéria de cibersegurança a nível da UE
    Andrus Ansip, Vice-Presidente da Comissão Europeia responsável pelo Mercado Único Digital, Dimitris Avramopoulos, Comissário responsável pela Migração, Assuntos Internos e Cidadania, Julian King, Comissário para a União da Segurança, e Mariya Gabriel, Comissária responsável pela Economia e Sociedade Digitais, emitiram uma declaração sobre a primeira legislação a nível da UE em matéria de cibersegurança — a Diretiva relativa à segurança das redes e da informação (Diretiva Cibersegurança), que os Estados-Membros têm de transpor para a legislação nacional até 9 de maio de 2018.
    (Desenvolvimento em STATEMENT-18-3650 e em MEMO-18-3651)
  • Clean air: Commission improves car emissions tests further
    Member States meeting in the Technical Committee of Motor Vehicles (TCMV) have agreed on the Commission's latest proposal to strengthen car emissions testing. New and improved car emissions tests became mandatory on 1 September 2017: tests in real driving conditions ("Real Driving Emissions" – RDE) and an improved laboratory test ("World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure" – WLTP). Now the Commission has finished its technical follow-up to improve these tests further.
    (Desenvolvimento em MEMO-18-3646)
  • Citizens' Panel on the Future of Europe
    For the first time, the Commission is convening a Citizens' Panel to draft a public consultation on the Future of Europe. Hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee on 5-6 May, a group of 80 Europeans will meet in Brussels to work together on the creation of a 12-question online consultation to be launched on 9 May, Europe Day. This unique exercise in participative democracy means that citizens are truly shaping the conversation on the Future of Europe. The online consultation follows on from the Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe published in March 2017 and will run in parallel to the 500 Citizens' Dialogues being organised by the Commission in the next 12 months, and the Citizens' Consultations being run by all EU27 Member States, following the initiative of President Macron.
  • Nitrates: less water pollution from agriculture but more efforts needed
    The Commission today published a new report on the implementation of the Nitrates Directive. With this Directive, the EU aims to protect water quality across Europe by preventing pollution by nitrates from agricultural sources and by promoting the use of good farming practices. Today's report shows that the Directive has been successful in reducing water pollution caused by nitrates in both surface and groundwater in the last two decades. The report however points to some disparities among Member States, which calls for renewed efforts to bring waters in the European Union to a good status.
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  • New data protection rules for the police and criminal justice sector apply as of 6 May
    As of 6 May, new data protection rules for law enforcement authorities will apply.  The new Data Protection Directive will allow police and judicial authorities to exchange information necessary for investigations and prosecutions more efficiently based on common high data protection standards. This will contribute to the EU's Agenda on Security, further improving cooperation in the fight against terrorism and other serious crime in Europe.
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  • March 2018 compared with February 2018 - Volume of retail trade up by 0.1% in euro area - Down by 0.1% in EU28
    In March 2018 compared with February 2018, the seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade increased by 0.1% in the euro area (EA19) and decreased by 0.1% in the EU28, according to estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In February, the retail trade volume increased by 0.3% in the euro area and by 0.4% in the EU28.
    (Desenvolvimento em STAT-18-3667)
  • Early estimates of CO2 emissions from energy use - In 2017, CO2 emissions in the EU estimated to have increased compared with 2016
    Eurostat estimates that in 2017 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion increased by 1.8% in the European Union (EU), compared with the previous year. CO2 emissions are a major contributor to global warming and account for around 80% of all EU greenhouse gas emissions. They are influenced by factors such as climate conditions, economic growth, size of the population, transport and industrial activities.
    (Desenvolvimento em STAT-18-3668)