Entrada Destaque CDE: Rapid 6 de setembro

CDE: Rapid 6 de setembro

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Lisboa, 6 de setembro de 2017


  • More than 400 top young researchers awarded with a total €605 million of EU funding

The Commission announces today the awarding of the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants to 406 early-career top researchers in all Europe. The funding, worth €605 million in total and up to €1.5 million per grant, will enable them to set up their own research teams and pursue ground-breaking ideas. The new grantees will work on a wide range of topics: from health research on chronic infections or asthma, to disaster management, network security, and climate change. The grants are awarded under Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme. More information here.



  • European Agenda on Migration: Commission presents progress reports

The Commission is today presenting four progress reports on the implementation of actions taken under the European Agenda on Migration to better manage migration and protect the EUs external borders. The package includes reports on the implementation of the EU's relocation and resettlement schemes and the EU-Turkey Statement as well as on the roll-out of the European Border and Coast Guard and the progress made with partner countries under the Partnership Framework on Migration and along the Central Mediterranean route. Press releases will be available online (on the Partnership Framework report and the other reports) at the start of the press conference with Commissioner Avramopoulos, which follows the readout of the College meeting. Factsheets on relocation and resettlement, the European Border and Coast Guard and the Partnership Framework on Migration will also be available online.



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