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PP UMa Montra: Farmacoterapia

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Titulo: Farmacopterapia

Cota: PP 615 Far

Palavras-Chave: Periódicos/Farmácia/Farmacologia

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PP UMa Montra: Psicologia Educação Cultura

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Titulo: Psicologia Educação Cultura

Cota: PP 37 Psi v.13, nº 2/09

Palavras-chave: Periódicos/Ciencias da Educação


Neste número da revista Psicologia, Educação e Cultura, publicam-se dez artigos. Embora não seja um número temático, há trabalhos que abordam temas afins, aplicando a novas situações conceitos já consagrados.
Este facto permitiu-nos estabelecer alguma lógica na ordenação dos artigos. Os quatro primeiros andam mais no âmbito da Psicologia, os restantes abordam temas de Pedagogia. Uns são de natureza empírica e outros teóricos. Todos os temas são actuais e de grande impacto na sociedade moderna. São originais e respeitam as normas comummente aceites pela comunidade científica.

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UMa Montra: Measurement and evaluation in human performance

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Titulo: Measurement and evaluation in human performance

Autores: James R. Morrow ... [et al.]

Palavras-chave: Actividade fisica/Medição/Avaliação

Cota: 796 Mea

Descrição geral do livro

"Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Third Edition, " offers unmatched, in-depth instruction in measurement and evaluation techniques. Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition features a new section on epidemiology and further develops international perspectives. This edition also features improved readability in measurement statistics and enhanced efficiency in solving measurement and evaluation problems through the use of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

Additional features that are new to this edition:

-Revised first chapter that lays the groundwork for improved learning throughout the text

-Inclusion of a specific downloadable data set that is used as an example in many chapters

-Removal of outdated and complicated statistical techniques, eliminating the need for a background in higher-level mathematics

-Additional computer tasks in each chapter that tie earlier learning to specific applications

-Decision scenarios similar to those made by human performance professionals to help students apply decision making skills to practical, real-life problemsThe text also increases the number of problem sets and places a greater emphasis on student-friendly learning through its learning aids, including chapter objectives, measurement and evaluation challenges, highlight features, mastery items, and new computer tasks for each chapter. "Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Third Edition, " will appeal to students by engaging them in the material to increase their comprehension, and to professionals through its depth of information and ease in locating it.

Includes an online study guide!To assist students using the text, "Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Third Edition," has a companion online student study guide that allows students to interactively practice, review, and develop their understanding of measurement and evaluation processes so that they can make strong grades and valid decisions. Students will receive free access to the study guide with the purchase of a new text, or it may be purchased as a separate component

The online study guide is designed to help students learn, understand, and practice the main concepts of each chapter. Students will find selected answers to mastery items from the text, homework problems, selected homework answers, data matrixes to download, and multiple choice quizzes designed to test their knowledge of the textbook material. They will also find lecture outlines created by the authors to help them learn the key concepts, as well as links to related sites on the Web and a variety of test tips.



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UMa Montra: The SAGE handbook for research in education

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Titulo:The SAGE handbook for research in education:engaging ideas and enriching inquiryed.

Editores: Clifton F. Conrad, Ronald C. Serlin

Palavras-chave: Ciencias da educação/Investigação

Cota: 37 SAG

Descrição geral do livro

Due to popular demand, this Handbook is now available to review for possible adoption! "The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education is the best research text I've come across. It's beautifully written, comprehensive and most importantly, students find it engaging. The text includes many different voices and encourages students to find their own research voice. I've planned my entire class around the chapters in the book." ' Marybeth Gasman , University of Pennsylvania 'The book promises to be more advanced than the typical survey text, and it looks to me like it will be more advanced without being more technical. What we need, I believe, is volumes that raise the intellectual level of discussion about research in education. We too often jump from the elementary to the arcane. This volume could help fill that gap.' ' Paul Vogt, Illinois State University The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education: Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry , edited by Clifton F. Conrad and Ronald C. Serlin, invites and stimulates students, faculty, and policymakers to become more self-reflective in their inquiry. Placing the pursuit of ideas at the epicenter of research, distinguished K'12 and higher education scholars advance myriad ideas for enhancing educational inquiry, relying extensively on narratives, vignettes, and examples of key episodes in inquiry. These exemplars illuminate past, present, and emerging approaches across fields and domains of inquiry to research in education. Key Features of The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education: Includes explicit discussion of the fundamental challenges that researchers must consciously address throughout their inquiry and proposes strategies to overcome these obstacles to first-rate research Identifies and explores potentially fruitful research problems to help students and faculty formulate important questions Features the voices of internationally distinguished scholars representing diverse fields, as well as quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to inquiry This unique Handbook is an important resource for all graduate students, researchers, and professionals in the field of Education. Meet the author!



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Open Access e RCAAP Conferencia

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