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Titulo: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of child development

ed.: Brian Hopkins      

Palavras-chave: Psicologia/Psicologia das Crianças

Cota: 159.922.7 CHI

titulo: Hormones and behaviour a psychological approach



The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development is an authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of leading experts, it adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers everything from prenatal development to education, pediatrics, neuroscience, theories and research methods to physical development, social development, cognitive development, psychopathology and parenting. It also looks at cultural issues, sex differences and the history of child development. The combination of comprehensive coverage, clear, jargon-free style and user-friendly format will ensure this book is essential reading for students, researchers, health care professionals, social workers, education professionals, parents and anyone interested in the welfare of children.  (google books)

 Cota:  159.9 NEA Hor


Titulo: Cognitive adaptation a pragmatist perspective

Autor: Jay Schulkin

Palavras-chave: Psicologia/Cognição/Adaptação(Fisiologia)/Psicofisiologia/Neuropsicologia


Cognitive Adaptation: A Pragmatist Perspective argues that there is a fundamental link between cognitive/neural systems and evolution that underlies human activity. One important result is that the line between nature and culture and scientific and humanistic inquiry is quite permeable - the two are fairly continuous with each other. Two concepts figure importantly in our human ascent: agency and animacy. The first is the recognition of another person as having beliefs, desires, and a sense of experience. The second term is the recognition of an object as alive, a piece of biology. Both reflect a predilection in our cognitive architecture that is fundamental to an evolving, but fragile, sense of humanity. The book further argues for a regulative norm of self-corrective inquiry, an appreciation of the hypothetical nature of all knowledge. Schulkin's perspective is rooted in contemporary behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. (Google books)

Cota: 159.955 SCH Cog


Titulo: Psychological aspects of cyber spacetheory, research, applications

ed. by Azy Barak

Palavras-chave: Psicologia/Ciberespaço -- Aspectos psicologicos/Internet--Utilizadores


Hundreds of millions of people across the world use the Internet every day. Its functions vary, from shopping and banking to chatting and dating. From a psychological perspective, the Internet has become a major vehicle for interpersonal communication that can significantly affect people's decisions, behaviors, attitudes and emotions. Moreover, its existence has created a virtual social environment in which people can meet, negotiate, collaborate and exchange goods and information. Cyberspace is not just a technical device but a phenomenon which has reduced the world to a proverbial global village, fostering collaborations and international cooperations; thus reducing the barriers of geographical distance and indigenous cultures. Azy Barak and a team of prominent social scientists review a decade of scientific investigations into the social, behavioral and psychological aspects of cyberspace, collating state-of-the-art knowledge in each area. Together they develop emerging conceptualizations and envisage directions and applications for future research.(Cambridge University Press)

Cota: PSY 159.9


Titulo: Behavior therapy with children

ed. by Anthony M. Graziano

Palavras-chave:Psicologia/Psicologia cognitiva

Cota:159.955 BEH

Titulo: Language, feeling, and the brain: the evocative vector

Autor: Dan Shanahan

Palavras-chave: Psicologia/Psicologia cognitiva/Linguas e linguagens/Emoções

Cota: 159.955 SHA Lan

Titulo: Schizophrenia: seven approaches

Ed.: Arnold H. Buss

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Psicologia patologica/Esquizofrenia/Teoria psicologica


Seven controversial approaches to schizophrenia, each assuming a distinctive model, biological, psychological, or social, are presented by their leading exponents. Arnold and Edith Buss deal with such fundamental issues as: What is the nature of schizophrenia? What general approach does each theory represent? What does each theory assume, what evidence does it require for proof, and what follows if the theory is correct? While the various approaches covered here have many differences and few similarities, they are not all mutually contradictory, and several may be combined into a larger synthesis.From a biological point of view, schizophrenia is a disease like any other, originating in heredity, tissue malformation, and physiological abnormality. The biological approach is represented here by a theory focusing on genetic and neurological aspects. The psychological approach treats schizophrenia as a failure of adjustment. Within this framework there is considerable disagreement. One theory emphasizes the cognitive problems of perceiving, thinking, and problem-solving; another centers on motivational disturbance, with its attendant problems of anxiety and withdrawal; and two theories focus on regressive behavior.Schizophrenia provides a stimulating basis for discussion by presenting the etiology of schizophrenia in terms of the most significant contemporary approaches. The juxtaposition of these view points enables the professor to maximize students interest as well as their insight into the complexity of contradictory evidence and opinions. (Google bookes)

Cota: 616.89 BUS Sch


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Titulo: Rethinking social work in a global world

Autor:Gai Harrison, Rose Melville

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociais/Serviço social/Globalização---Aspectos sociais


If we are to fully understand the impact of local concerns on social work, we have to consider these in a global context.Rethinking Social Work in a Global Worldprovides the key to better understanding. It critically examines the relationship between the global and the local in light of a range of social issues and shows how such analysis can assist in improving social work practice.Incorporating the views of practitioners and analyzing students perceptions of global issues, the authors: Draw on a range of theoretical disciplines and traditions, including postcolonialism, sociology, cultural studies and political science Explore contemporary global issues such as the environment, new information and communications technology and the global mental health movement Examine the implications of adopting global notions of citizenship for social work, in a postcolonial era Provide discussion points to ground the above ideas in a local context, to better inform everyday practice Use of post-colonial theory and global focus on social work: gives the project a distinctive edge over competitorsThis timely text is essential reading for practitioners, students and academics across a range of disciplines that incorporate global concerns, including social work, social policy, social welfare and community care. (google Books)

Cota: 364.4 HAR Ret 

Titulo:The  SAGE handbook of social reseached.

Ed.: Ian Shaw... [et al.]

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociaisc/Serviço social/Investigação

Cota: 364.4 SAG  

Titulo: Practising social work in a complex world

ed. Robert Adams, Lena Dominelli, Malcom Payne

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociais/Serviço social/Educadores sociais/Trabalhadores sociais

Cota: 364.4 PRA

Titulo: Handbook of theories of aging

ed.: Vern L. Bengtson... [et al]

Palavras-chave:Ciencias aplicadas/Gerontologia/Envelhecimento---Fisiologia/Envelhecimento-Psicologia/Investigação

Cota: 616.053.9 HAN

Titulo: Promoting health in families applying family research and theory to nursing practice

Autor: Perri J. Bomar

Medicina/Enfermagem/Familia, saúde e higiene

Cota: 616.083 BOM Pro


Titulo: Health psychology: critical introduction

Auor: Antonia C. Lyons, Kerry Chamberlain 

Cota:Psicologia/Psicologia clinica/Saúde Comportamento

Cota:159.9 LYO Hea


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Titulo:Research methods for human-computer interaction

ed. by Paul Cairns

Palavras-chave: Informática/Inter-acção homem máquina

Cota: 004.5 RES

Titulo: Changing relationsachieving intimacy in a time of social transition

Autor: Robin Goodwin

Palavras-chave:Psicologia/Relações interpessoais/Redes sociais/Mudanças sociais

Cota: 159.9 GOO Cha

Titulo: The social work experience an introduction to social work and social welfare

Autor: Mary Ann Suppes  

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociais/Serviço social/Orientação profissional/Estados Unidos da América

Cota: 364.4 SUP Soc


Titulo: Statistical modelling in R

Autores: Murray Aitkin... [et al.]

Palavras-chave: Matemática/Probabilidades/Estatistica/R(Linguagem de programação de computadores)


R is now the most widely used statistical package/language in university statistics departments and many research organizations. Its great advantages are that for many years, it has been the leading statistical package/language and that it can be freely downloaded from the R website. This text provides a comprehensive treatment of the theory of statistical modelling in R with an emphasis on applications to practical problems and an expanded discussion of statistical theory. A wide range of case studies is provided, using the normal, binomial, Poisson, multinomial, gamma, exponential and Weibull distributions, making this book ideal for graduates and research students in applied statistics and a wide range of qualitative disciplines.

(google books)

 Cota: 519.2 STA

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 (google books)

Titulo: Antenna theoryanalysis and design

Autor: Constantine A. Balanis

Palavras-chave: Tecnologia/Electronica

Cota: 621.38 BAL Ant 

 (google books)

Titulo: LTE - The UMTS  long term evolution from theory to practice

Autor: Stefania Sesia

Palavra-chave: Tecnologia/Telecomunicações/Sistema Universal de Telecomunicações Móveis

Cota: 621.38 SES Lte

 (google books)

Titulo: Poly-modeling with 3ds Maxthinking outside of the box

Autor: Todd Daniele

Palavras-chaves: Informática/Linguagens de computadores/Gráficos de computador/Animação por computador/3ds max (Ficheiros de computador)

Cota: 004.43 DAN Pol Pol


  (google books)

Titulo: Optical fiber communications principles and practice

Autor: John M. Senior

Palavras-chave: Tecnologia/Telecomunicações/Comunicações ópticas/Fibra óptica

Cota: 621.39 SEN Opt

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CDE - CE Consulta pública sobre a aplicação dos direitos da propriedade intelectual

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Comissão Europeia lança consulta pública sobre aplicação dos direitos da
propriedade intelectual

 Consulta publica de 11 de Janeiro a 31 de Março

A Comissão Europeia lançou dia 11 de Janeiro uma consulta pública sobre as conclusões de um relatório que avalia a aplicação da Directiva 2004/48/CE sobre a execução dos direitos da propriedade intelectual nos Estados-Membros. O relatório indica que determinadas disposições da directiva suscitaram diferentes interpretações e aplicações segundo os Estados-Membros. Além disso, o relatório aborda a dimensão da aplicação dos direitos da propriedade intelectual no âmbito da internet e das tecnologias digitais.

As pessoas interessadas deverão enviar os seus comentários para a Comissão até 31 de Março de 2011.



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