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Titulo: Antenna theoryanalysis and design

Autor: Constantine A. Balanis

Palavras-chave: Tecnologia/Electronica

Cota: 621.38 BAL Ant 

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Titulo: LTE - The UMTS  long term evolution from theory to practice

Autor: Stefania Sesia

Palavra-chave: Tecnologia/Telecomunicações/Sistema Universal de Telecomunicações Móveis

Cota: 621.38 SES Lte

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Titulo: Poly-modeling with 3ds Maxthinking outside of the box

Autor: Todd Daniele

Palavras-chaves: Informática/Linguagens de computadores/Gráficos de computador/Animação por computador/3ds max (Ficheiros de computador)

Cota: 004.43 DAN Pol Pol


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Titulo: Optical fiber communications principles and practice

Autor: John M. Senior

Palavras-chave: Tecnologia/Telecomunicações/Comunicações ópticas/Fibra óptica

Cota: 621.39 SEN Opt

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CDE - CE Consulta pública sobre a aplicação dos direitos da propriedade intelectual

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Comissão Europeia lança consulta pública sobre aplicação dos direitos da
propriedade intelectual

 Consulta publica de 11 de Janeiro a 31 de Março

A Comissão Europeia lançou dia 11 de Janeiro uma consulta pública sobre as conclusões de um relatório que avalia a aplicação da Directiva 2004/48/CE sobre a execução dos direitos da propriedade intelectual nos Estados-Membros. O relatório indica que determinadas disposições da directiva suscitaram diferentes interpretações e aplicações segundo os Estados-Membros. Além disso, o relatório aborda a dimensão da aplicação dos direitos da propriedade intelectual no âmbito da internet e das tecnologias digitais.

As pessoas interessadas deverão enviar os seus comentários para a Comissão até 31 de Março de 2011.



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UMa Montra

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Titulo: Human physiology: from cells to systems

Autor: Lauralee Sherwood

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Biologia/Fisiologia

Cota: 612 SEH Hum

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Titulo: Anatomy & physiology for dummies

Autor: Donna Rae Siegfried

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Biologia/Anatomia/Fisiologia


Some people think that knowing about what goes on inside the human body can sap life of its mystery. Which is too bad for them, because anybody who’s ever taken a peak under the hood knows that the human body, and all its various structures and functions, is a realm of awe-inspiring complexity and countless wonders. The dizzying dance of molecule, cell, tissue, organ, muscle, sinew, and bone that we call life can be a thing of breathtaking beauty and humbling perfection. No one should be denied access to this spectacle because they don’t come from a scientific background. And now, thanks to Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies, no one needs to be.
Whether you’re an aspiring health-care or fitness professional or just somebody who’s curious about the human body and how it works, this book offers you a fun, easy way get a handle on the basics of anatomy and physiology. (gogle books)

Cota: 611 SIE Ana

Titulo: Case studies in immunology: a clinical companion

Autor: Raif Geha, Fred Rosen

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Imunologia/Alergia e imunologia/Imunidade-Genética/Estudos de casos

Cota: 612.017 GEH Cas

Titulo: Case studies in infectious disease

Autor: Peter M. Lydyard... [et al.]

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Doenças infeciosas e contagiosas/Microbiologia/Estudos de casos


Case Studies in Infectious Disease presents forty case studies featuring the most important human infectious diseases worldwide. Written for students of microbiology and medicine, this book describes the natural history of infection from point of entry of the pathogen through pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. The use of real clinical cases serves to reinforce and extend the basic science. This standardized approach provides the reader with a logical basis for understanding these diverse and medically important organisms, fully integrating microbiology and immunology throughout.

Cota: 616.9  CAS


Titulo: A laboratory course in biomaterials

Autor: Wujing Xian

Palavras-chave: Ciências naturais/Bioquimica/Materiais biomédicos-Manual de laboratório/Estudo e ensino


The field of biomedical engineering has vastly expanded in the past two decades, as reflected in the increased number of bioengineering and biomaterials programs at universities. The growth of this area has outpaced the development of laboratory courses that allow students hands-on experience, since the barriers involved in creating multidisciplinary biomaterials laboratory courses are high. A Laboratory Course in Biomaterials provides a new teaching tool that is comprehensive in scope and current in its perspective.
Multidisciplinary approach
Suitable for junior or senior level laboratory courses in biomaterials and bioengineering, this volume trains students in laboratory skills, data analysis, problem solving, and scientific writing. The text takes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating a variety of principles that include materials science, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and engineering.
Step-by-step instructions
The author presents flexible modules that allow the coursework to be adapted to the needs of different departments, and each module is organized around a central theme, such as drug delivery and natural biomaterials, to enhance student comprehension. This book provides step-by-step descriptions of lab procedures, reagents, equipment, and data processing guidelines, and a series of thought-provoking questions and answers following each experiment, drawn from the author's own experience in teaching a biomaterials laboratory course at the University of Illinois.
Timely in its coverage, many of the experiments presented in the book are adapted from research papers, reflecting the recent progress in various disciplines of bioengineering and biomaterials science. (google books)

 Cota:  54:577 XIA Lab

 (google books)

Titulo: Gene cloning and DNA analysis: an introduction

Autor: T. A. Brown

Palvras-chave: Ciências naturais/Bioquímica/Biologia molecular/Genética/Colonagem molecular

Cota: 575 BRO Gen


Titulo: Difference equations basics and applications

Autor: Syrgak Kydyraliev

Palavras-chave: Matemática/Equações

Cota: KYD 517.9

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Titulo: In extremis disruptive events and trends in climate and hydrology

ed: Jürgen P. Kropp, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Heidelberg 

Palavras-chave: Matemática/Meteorologia/Hidrologia

Cota: 551.5 IN


Titulo: Extremes in nature: an approach using copulas

Autor: Gianfausto Salvadori... [et al.] 

Palavras-chave: Matemática/Meteorologia/Hidrologia

Cota: 551.5 EXT


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Titulo: Midwifery, obstetrics and the rise of gynaecology: the uses of a sixteenth-century compendium

Autor: Helen King

Palavras-chave: Medicina/Historia da medicina-Literatura-Inglaterra-Século 16/Obstetrícia/Genecologia

Cota: 61:930 KIN Mid

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UMa Montra

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Titulo: Handbook of tourist behavior theory and practiceed.

Autor: Metin Kozak, Alain Decrop 

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociais/Turismo

Cota 379 .85 HAN


Titulo: The economics of education human capital, family background and inequality

Autor: Daniele Checchi

Palavras-chave: Ciências sociais/Educação/Economia

Cota: 37 CHE Eco


Titulo: A handbook of human resource management practice

Autor: Michael Armstrong

Palavras-chave: Ciências aplicadas/Recursos humanos

Cota: 658.3 ARM Han



Titulo: Strategy process, content, context : an international perspective

Autor: Bob De Wit

Palavras-chave: Ciências aplicadas/Planeamento estratégico/Gestão e estudos empresariais

Cota: 65.012.3 WIT Str



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PP UMa Montra

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Titulo: 3D World

Ed.: Steve Jarratt

Palavras-chave: Informática/Periódicos

Cota: PP 004 Tre nº 138/10 +CD-R

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